Cooler Fluid

LOEWE OIL® SUPERCOOL is recommended for use in cooling systems of all types of liquid cooled automotive , commercial and industrial combustion engines. LOEWE OIL®SUPERCOOL should not be mixed with water .


LOEWE OIL® SUPERCOOL is a modern long-life, high quality, ready for use cooling liquid.
Providing frost protection from -12&Mac176; C till –36 ° C .

• Suitable for all kinds of aluminum cylinder heads and blocks.
• Good anti-foam properties.
• Neutral against rubbers and synthetic fittings.
• Special for closed cooling circuits.

LOEWE OIL® SUPERCOOL meets the specification of the main European car manufacturers and BS 6580-1992 • AFNOR NFR 15-601-1991, SAE J 1034 • ASTM D 3306 – ASTM D 1384. LOEWE OIL®SUPERCOOL meets the specification requirements of most major motor manufacturers, including General Motors, Vauxhall, Opel, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, VW – Audi, Rover and Ford Europe .


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